About Us

We specialize in orthopedic surgery; specifically, shoulder surgery (including rotator cuff, impingement, and arthroplasty), knee surgery, sports medicine injuries, ligament reconstruction, joint preservation procedures, cartilage restoration as well as total joint reconstruction of the hip, knee, and shoulder, foot and ankle ambulation procedures (i.e. bunion, forefoot reconstruction, planta faschia release, heel pain, haglunds resection).

We provide full patient services to prevent and cure reconstructive and sports medicine injuries in patients ranging from 10-90 years old.

Dr. Bramlett has practiced as an orthopedic surgeon for over 25 years. His long term experience and unparalleled patient care and outcome are a few areas that set us apart from other orthopedic surgeons. Our patients know us for their short stays, quick healing, and minimally invasive surgical procedures. We also address all major joints to prevent and cure acute and chronic conditions. In addition, we also have a very educational preventive health program to help each patient maximize his/her health and well-being. We treat each patient’s full body and educate patients on health and wellness.

Dr. Bramlett has received maximal training and completed three international fellowships. His knowledge and expertise has provided him with a diverse and innovative surgical treatment plan for each patient. Some of the cutting edge procedures used include the following: minimally invasive surgery of the hip, knee, and shoulder; outpatient total hip, knee and shoulder surgery; prehabilition surgical preparation; and tele-medical, self-directed orthopedic rehab.